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4 Ways to Prevent Code Abuse

Your code is right. Other people are just using it wrong!

Learn 4 simple techniques to prevent people from using your code incorrectly. We'll apply those techniques to a class in the .NET Framework that is really easy to get wrong. By the time we're done, you'll have to try really hard to mess it up.

Some APIs will throw exceptions when you get something wrong. That's not helpful! I'll show you how to write an API that guides you toward correct code. It won't even compile unless you get it right.

These 4 techniques are built into the C# language today, so take advantage of them! Everybody on your team will thank you. And you'll spend less time fixing their bugs.

Download slides and code

Presented at:

  • Dallas TechFest - 8/12/2011
  • Chicago Code Camp - 4/19/2012

More on that topic?


The ideas on QED are definitely attractive, unfortunately the text above on Provable APIs is not enough for me to understand what you really mean; could you please elaborate more in-depth for people like me that do not attend your sessions? Other ideas like DoF and Projections are easier to catch, yet also very relevant. Cheers,

Cyrille (could not find a way to comment non-anonymously)

More on Provable APIs

My apologies. I did not link to the full discussion of the material in Practice, Provable APIs. I hope you find that coverage of the material useful.

I've changed the Drupal comment settings to allow anonymous users to comment with their own name. Thanks for pointing that out.