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Building the Next Generation of Mobile Apps

Phones are personal devices, so users expect their data to be local. But they are also collaborative devices, so users expect them to talk to each other. An occasionally connected application is the best of both worlds. It stores personal data locally for instant access. And it synchronizes with remote services for collaboration.

We will build a collaborative application for Windows Phone and Windows 8 using Correspondence. Features include:

  • Local and cloud storage
  • Publication and subscription
  • Realtime UI

Changes made on one device automatically appear on the other. Changes made by one user are instantly shared with others. This kind of app used to be hard to write. Now, it's easy.

You used to design the database, use a data access layer, and write a web service. You used to generate a service proxy, write a service agent, and develop local storage. You used to have to code push notifications, network detection, and queuing. Correspondence does all that for you.

All you do is write the parts that make your application unique: the model, the view model, and the view.

Presented at:

  • Tulsa TechFest - 10/12/2012
  • DevLink Chattanooga - 8/17/2011
  • Dallas TechFest - 8/12/2011