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Data Binding without INotifyPropertyChanged

Data binding in WPF and Silverlight is extremely powerful. However, it can also be painful. The most painful part is knowing when to raise PropertyChanged events.

Update Controls is an open source library that takes that pain out of XAML development. It discovers dependencies within your code, and fires PropertyChanged events on your behalf. It's not simply an INotifyPropertyChanged wrapper. It's completely automatic.

In this talk, I'll show you how to data bind in both WPF and Silverlight without INotifyPropertyChanged. I'll demonstrate patterns, starting with MVVM and MVC, and going beyond to Navigation Model and VM Tuple. These patterns enable a fluid style of rapid feature development not previously possible.

  • Theory
    • MVVM review
    • Stateful vs. Stateless View Models
    • MVC and MVP
  • Practice
    • Contact list example
    • Navigation model
    • View Model Tuple

Presented at:

  • Tulsa TechFest - 10/7/2011
  • Dallas Day of .NET - 3/4/2011