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Speaking at Dallas TechFest

I’ll be presenting next week at Dallas TechFest. I’m doing two sessions: Provable APIs and Correspondence for Windows Phone 7.

Provable APIs is a session that I originally created for the Q.E.D. lunches at work. It shows how you can use regular features of your compiler – not even the new contract validation stuff – to verify that people are using your classes correctly. If you create your APIs provably, then your users will find it a pleasure to work with your code.

Correspondence is a library for building occasionally connected clients. I used it to build the Dallas TechFest conference scheduling app for Windows Phone 7. In this session, I take apart the conference app and show you how you can build your own great user experiences.

As an added bonus, I will reveal the Correspondence logo at the conference. Come out and see it before I post it on the project site.